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After providing you with reliable transportation for years, the last thing you probably want to do is to get rid of an older model car. Maybe the engine died, and it is simply too expensive to have it repaired, or the dealership wouldn't take it off your hands when you tried to trade it in. Whatever the reason, the heap of metal sitting in your driveway has probably served its purpose and is ready to be sent out to pasture. Needless to say it can't stay where it is forever and paying someone to have it removed seems unfair, so what now?


Simplifying The Process

Everything has a shelf life, and automobiles are no different, so when your pride and joy reached a certain age, and nobody wants it; the owner shouldn't have to feel as though it is worthless. The fact of the matter is that there are a few companies that offer cash for junk cars; the biggest challenge will be to find someone willing to make it easy for you. The company you seek will have to understand the fact that you did not see the point in spending money on repairs to the body after the last accident.


All The Same

If you encounter a company that puts certain restrictions on the make and model of your junk car it would be in your best interest to keep on looking. Every car makes it to the junk pile eventually, so when your retired automobile is ready to face extinction, the last thing you need is for someone to tell you that they don't want it because the model was never popular. This sort of response generally means that the buyer has other plans for your expired automobile, and it may not necessarily include scrap metal. Stick with a company that has no restrictions when it comes to the make and model of your car.


Get The Ball Rolling

It should be noted that junk cars generally suggest that they are not functioning well enough to be sold or traded in. Many automobiles being considered for the junk pile have been stripped of pieces required for operation such as wheels and engine parts. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous junk dealers will want to charge you a removal fee if it is impossible to drive your car away. This is a demand that should not be tolerated or accepted, in fact; a reputable junk dealer will offer to tow your car for free.


Forget The Repairs

Although there may be a few exceptions to the rule, an offer to pay you cash for your vehicle should not be based on its ability to perform. You should not be expected to spend any additional money to restore the body or carry out mechanical repairs to your junk car. The company you are dealing with should be willing to purchase the car regardless of its condition, age or operational capabilities. Having said that, if the car was torched and is simply a burnt-out shell, you may wish to confirm its value.