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Selling Your Used Car

Do you have a used car that you are currently looking to sell? If you want to sell your car quickly, the best choice is to sell it directly to us. Many who have cars to sell, will list the cars in a classified ad, or find other ways to sell the car. Although it can be effective to sell your car on your own, if you're looking to sell your car quicker, our company will buy your car, and even pick it up from you, saving you the trouble of bringing it in. Although you can sell to anyone, we will give you fair market value for your vehicle.


We understand that no matter how long you've had your vehicle for, it's still valuable to you, and you want to get the value of what your car is worth. If you are choosing to sell your car, give us a call, and provide us with information about your car. We'll need the model number, the year, and any other pertinent information about the vehicle. We appreciate honesty, and if you can tell us any mechanical issues the vehicle may have, damage, or interior damage, then we can use this information to make a determination of your payment amount.

Sometimes, two cars that are the same model, may possibly have a different payout amount, depending on several factors. If the tires on one car are newer than the tires on the other car, this usually boosts the value. Having a clean interior, as well as an exterior with very little, or no damage, also boost the value of a car as well. If you take the time to collect all this information, then you can call us, and the information will help us to give you a better overall market value for your vehicle.

We purchase many different types of cars, but we require information about the vehicle, prior to making a purchase. If you accept the quote that we give to you, based on what you've told us about your car, we'll come and pick up the car from you. You need to have a title for the car, prior to selling the car to us. Once you sell us the car, just sign the title over to us, and you'll be paid for your car right away. If you're looking to sell your car for any reason, give us a call today.